Cabbage and Collard Greens

Dark leafy greens are some of the best vegetables that you can get with tons of nutritional value. Often times however in an effort to make these vegetables taste better ingredients like bacon, neck bones, salt pork, and ham hock are added. While I don’t have an issue with many of the ingredients listed there are other ways to enhance the flavor without the extra salt and fat added to it.

I first tried this recipe at a friend’s family reunion in Long Beach, Ca while I was in college there. My friend Mike’s grandma made it. I grew up eating collard greens and cabbage but had never had them together. We usually had collard for holidays and special occasions. My gram would make them most of the time, then my dad gave it a try, and then I got the recipe in college. The problem is that it would take hours to make usually because it was always a large portion being made at one time. The cabbage however was easier to make, at least when my gram would make it. I struggled for years to make my cabbage like my gram’s until I gave up and created my own version that she approves of. I’d never tried to put them together until a couple of weeks ago. The first time I made it I cooked the cabbage and the collards at the same time and although the flavor was good I felt like the cabbage was overcooked. The second time I made it the flavor and the texture were on point. This recipe is now easy enough for a weeknight meal, full of flavor, and still good for you. Give it a try and let me know what you think.


Serving size: 6

Active time: 10 minutes

Inactive time: 40 minutes


1 head of cabbage

3 bunches of collard greens

2 C. chicken broth or stock IMG_4775

3 T. oil (whatever you have is fine)

2 T. salt

2 T. seasoning salt

2 T. white pepper

2 T. garlic (fresh or dehydrated)

2 T. garlic powder

2 t. cayenne pepper


 1. Cut your head of cabbage in half, core the stem portion at the bottom out, and then lay the cut side down. Next each half of the cabbage in half again so you have fourths. Turn the cabbage 90 degree and cut 1″ slices across the width of the cabbage. Place your sliced cabbage into a large bowl and sit it to the side.

IMG_4782 IMG_4783 IMG_4784

2.  Place each collard stem on a cutting board and pull the leaves from the stems. Once you have removed all of the leaves from the stems, bunch the collards on top of each other and slice into 1/2-1″ strips. The sliced collards should be placed into a colander and rinsed. If you buy collards that are already sliced in the bag you can skip this step.

IMG_4777 IMG_4778 IMG_4779 IMG_4780 IMG_4781

3. Heat 3 T. of oil on high heat in a large skillet that has a lid.  When the oil is ready add the collards, 1 T. of salt, seasoning salt, white pepper, garlic, granulated garlic, and 1 t. cayenne pepper to the pan and saute until they begin to wilt. This will take approximately 5 minutes.

IMG_4786 IMG_4788 IMG_4789 IMG_4790

4. When the collards are wilted add 1 C. of chicken broth to them skillet, cover the collards, and continue to cook them on high heat for 10 minutes. Stir every few minutes.

5. After 10 minutes  add the cabbage, remaining seasoning, and remaining chicken broth. Stir everything to combine. Cover the skillet again and continue to cook the collards and cabbage on high heat for 10 minutes. Stir every few minutes.

IMG_4791 IMG_4792

6. After 10 minutes reduce the heat to medium and allow the mixture to cook for 20 more minutes. Be sure to stir every few minutes to ensure even cooking.

7. Taste the collards after 20 minutes for doneness. They should be tender but still have texture. When the cabbage and collards are done, turn off the heat and enjoy.

IMG_4794 IMG_4796 IMG_4797

Notes and Variations:

  • Onions, jalapenos, Serrano peppers, turkey neck bones, ham hocks, bacon, and salt pork can add be added.
  • Vegetable broth can be substituted for the chicken broth or stock.
  • Seasoning can be adjusted to taste. (Give Cajun or Creole seasoning a try)
  • C=cups
  • T=tablespoons
  • t=teaspoons

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