Yo! My name is Lindsay and I am a foodie. This is the primary reason that I learned to cook and bake. I went to Culinary School to become a pastry chef but I am a self taught culinary chef. Creating food is my bliss and can pull me out of the grumpiest of moods. In addition to cooking for myself I love trying the new hot restaurants (thanks Yelp) in San Francisco where I live as well as traveling around the world tasting as I go. I worked for five years as a home economics teacher at a high school in the Bay Area where I would entertain my student with my unorthodox methods of teaching and doing food demos. One distinction of my blog with the billions of others is the stories that I tell. All of the recipes give you a story about how I created the it and about my family. I share not only food but memories with my fellow foodies. Thanks to all who try my recipes and feel free to comment when you try them. Let me know what you think and let other fellow foodies know how you’ve made my recipes your own. Food and recipes are meant to be shared and I will continue to share them with you as long as you are interested in reading them.




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